Peter Winn · The Friendship Paddle 2020

Since 2008, Peter Winn had participated in 12 different Friendship Paddle events and in each of those 12 years, he supported a paddle honoree experiencing a life-threatening disease. Our dear friend Peter Winn passed away on Sunday, Aug. 23, 2020.  Our hearts and prayers go out to his wife Jan and daughter Ally and their extended family.  The Friendship Paddle community has lost a stalwart waterman.

Now, it is The Friendship Paddle’s honor to return Peter’s love and rally around his wife Jan and his daughter Ally. Peter was diagnosed in early 2020 with Multiple Myeloma, a blood cancer that impacts bone marrow, the immune system, and kidney function. In addition to being a long-distance prone paddler, Peter was an avid motorcycle road tripper, and kept himself fit through swimming and kickboxing. Accordingly, his diagnosis just did not fit with this happy, healthy, funny, and positive guy.

Peter was a certified arborist and in 1983 came to Santa Barbara from England where he studied forestry and arboriculture. Peter owned and managed his business, Westree Arborist Services, for 20-plus years.

Peter’s blood type was “B Positive”, and that is how he battled his cancer. Taking that cue, The Friendship Paddle will also Be Positive for Peter, Jan, and Ally. #bpositiveforpeter

We appreciate your positive thoughts, prayers, and energy to support Peter.

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