"It is a humbling experience to get so much support and love from people who previously you didn't know and whose generosity is endless."

Thank all you guys. Life is about constantly and never ending improvement. I'm honored to be a part of the FP and humbled to have such great friends in my life that are willing to put in on the line for others. Doesn't get any better.
~ John Madden

The Friendship Paddle was a great life experience. To combine our physical and physiological energy to rally around Tim and Kara and their family was amazing. Tim was able to use the energy and symbolism to place this past year fighting his cancer in the past, and to even more strongly embrace the future with all of the good that has come, in so many ways, much of it a result of The Friendship Paddle. Tim and I talked about The Friendship Paddle group. It is a humbling experience to get so much support and love from people who previously you didn't know and whose generosity is endless. There are too many people to thank at The Friendship Paddle organization, but we can't go without mentioning Dave Kronen (our liaison to the group who has become our friend) and Sean Robertson (their leader). To say they were incredibly supportive and organized would be a major understatement.

But even more, The Friendship Paddle galvanized the support from friends and family who have shown their support for many months.
~ Kevin McGibben


I can't put into words that could justify the experience of last weekend. Incredible islands, surf, fishing and friends. The Friendship group could possibly be the coolest bunch of folks in the world and definitely the coolest I've ever come across. It was surreal being on Capt Steve's Ocean Pearl and spending a day of relaxation on Santa Rosa Island before the crossing. Special shout outs must go to Sean, Dave and Steve. These Guys are champs with huge hearts and it did not go unnoticed. To Steve, you're a Captain's Captain. Honored to have been invited aboard and nice touch with the Bug appetizer.Sean and Dave I hope you know the love and support you have shown is massive. To everyone involved I thank you with all my heart and I know I'm speaking for everybody from the B Team. I will let you all know now that I WILL be involved next year.
~ Kevin


I am just blown away by the community support Tim & Kara have found down there. Gives me renewed hope in mankind, seriously. I am so grateful that Tim & Kara made the connection with you. I met so many wonderful people at the BBQ, as I mentioned to David and Steve after the download on logistics/fundraising, I sit on a board for the Santa Cruz Cancer Benefit Group and we are a fundraising mechanism for several non-profits in the community and do not raise money for individual beneficiaries. It is unique what you do, and that you continue to do it year after year.
~ With sincerest gratitude- Alison




"I have nothing but praise for this team, The Friendship Paddle Board, and everyone involved with The Friendship Paddle."

One of the best days of my life as well. What a beautiful organization you have spreading throughout the community.
~ All the best, Darshan


I'm trying to put my finger on it...but I think we created something in this paddle that left our hands - like an arrow that we drew and released, or a wave that grew from our storm and then moved from us. It parted the skies, calmed the seas, and independently pushed Christina from the uncertain sea onto the shore of recovery. I think that's why we're all awestruck, it was a miracle.
~ Phil Boise


I have nothing but praise for this team, The Friendship Paddle Board, and everyone involved with The Friendship Paddle. We were honored to be part of this event and my husband Mike was grateful and elated to be part of the paddle team. It was a day I will never forget and watching Tina come onto the beach and say "I did it" will be stuck in my memory forever. We are so lucky to have this great organization in our lives.
Thank you for chosing Tina to be the beneficiary of this. I know how much it has lifted her spirits and given her the extra courage and strength to keep battling!
Much love to you all. -
~ The Drez Family


The Landing was at a park on the water in Santa Barbara. The beach and park area were packed with people, all wearing their t-shirts, some 400 people!!! You can't even imagine what that meant to us! Around 4:00 we got word that the paddlers were coming in and we all filled the beach awaiting their arrival. Slowly they came into sight, getting bigger and bigger as they approached the beach. In the front of the flotilla of paddlers was not only Terance paddling, but Tina alongside!!!! It was unbelievable! They came in together!! There were so many hugs and tears and cheers, it was surreal. I can't even imagine what it was like for Tina seeing that crowd at the beach and then being greeted with all that emotion! It was incredible and something I will NEVER forget, and I imagine no one else will either.
~ Shelly Davitt


How GREAT can it be, with a group like The Friendship Paddle organization?
The time and energy you have all put in for a special day and wonderful Women and family, Christina
~ Christina

Bringing it on for these special people was exactly what you all did.
Thank you for having some of the Carp. boys again, and Doug Hendry was great to be with.
The Friendship Paddle teams...BROUGHT IT ON alright.
Look forward to seeing you all soon. -
~ Rick Joy



2008 and earlier

"Thank you for including me and experiencing this with me; this memory has become a highlight of my adulthood. We will all look back on this event for years to come with a common bond and sense of accomplishment."

Just went down to Sean's boat to get some items and hooked up with Arick (Andy) Fuller and DK. Wanted to hang there all day and recount more stories....just can't let it go. That last 15-20 minutes and then going into the beach is something I'll never forget. I hope I don't forget any of the other stuff either. Many, many thanks to the captains and all who had a hand planning!! -
~ Tom K.


Doug, In many years of playing in that ocean, yesterday was truly a remarkable day. Hanging out for tankers to pass, jumping back in forth on boats in the middle of the ocean, paddling with buddies over 300 feet depths, or just watching the days components unfold, it was unreal. The funny thing was that the best forecasters in the business called for likely fog and 10-15k winds. But like all forecasting, you never really know what is going to happen tomorrow. What is certain is that we maximized yesterday, and that was worth a celebrating. It was a pleasure to share that with you and your brothers, and to many more maximized days! Much thanks to Mosby and Ingalls and the generous boat captains. Hughes Morton P.S. It is good to see that the next generation of Watermen are being properly trained (Henry Hepp, Chase)
~ Hughes Morton


A day like yesterday - against all informed odds - is proof that Miracles do happen and that we must live our lives fully and actively. In the end it all boils down to family, friends and memories. Yesterday will be a big memory for me and all the rest of us I am sure. The emotional charge on the beach as we arrived and the strength and support of all in attendance was fantastic. I feel we are all privileged to have participated in such a worthwhile and memorable event. Great job everyone - Mark and John - way to go!!! We love you Doug.
~ Adam Rhodes


The "Friendship Channel Crossing" seems to be on a course of its own. There is no doubt that what happened this last weekend has changed all of us forever. One magic moment after another. My guess is that this trip is far from over... Its been wonderful today reading all of the beautiful, prolific and hart felt testimonials from all of you guys. For me personally, the last few months have been amazing. The dream for me was that The Friendship Channel Crossing would foster and provide a platform for unconditional acts of love and kindness. Wow! Yesterday was a celebration of Love; Love of life, Love of family, friends and love of one another. I felt so blessed to have been part of something so incredible. Judging form the faces of those who greeted us on the beach with their smiles, their hugs, and their tears of joy this event has forever changed and touched many peoples lives. Thank you Doug! Thank you for being who you are. I am honored to be you friend. Our journey across the channel may be complete but our journey together through life is far from over. I love you Bro.
~ Mark I.


What an incredible effort! It is truly a testament to John, Mark, Tad, Steve and all others who had an idea then made that idea real. Thank you for allowing the other participants - paddlers to donors - to be a part of your dream for Doug.

Figuratively and symbolically the paddle into the beach was a homecoming. The family and friends who were gathered on the sand at Hope Ranch beach unfolded like a warm, familiar body. People spread out like arms to embrace Doug, his brothers and me. There was not a dry eye to be found. I felt my presence symbolized all of us, who are supporting Doug and his family along this very heroic voyage.
As we started the final paddle in it became very clear that Doug was hurting. His ribs were extremely sore, yet he was determined to finish the paddle. Surrounded by his brothers and accepting some assistance, Doug's little pack made its way into the beach. We asked if anyone had something to say, and Philip yelled, "We love you man!" That just seemed to sum it all up. Then we hit the beach and the emotions started to flow.
The next vision was that of you warriors coming ashore from the boats, clad in red paddling jerseys and with smiles across your faces. The family and friends on the beach again opened their arms and enveloped everyone emerging from the water. I felt this is what family and community is all about.
Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to represent all of you on the final leg. You blessed me with a lifelong experience.
~ Jeff Chase


I'm still blown away by the experience we all shared crossing the channel together. If I am speechless, Doug, has to still be trying to breath. Never! Ever! In my life have I been fortunate enough to have been part of such a first class show of love and friendship. Thank you for including me and experiencing this with me; this memory has become a highlight of my adulthood. We will all look back on this event for years to come with a common bond and sense of accomplishment. Most importantly, instead of searching for the right words to say, we can be proud of the actions we have taken to support Doug.

A special thanks to MI and JM for superior leadership, this would not have happened without your vision. DI and DK -- many thanks for the fuel. Nick, SR, RB, PK, FH, and DC -- that was quite an armada you unselfishly assembled to support Doug. I am grateful to have gotten to know all of you.
Love you Doug.
~ Rich Coffin